Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Update 3

Continued hellos from Montgomery, AL.

Cat and I donated blood today at the local Red Cross, so we're doing what little we can from here. We do have some good news about our situation. Got the car checked out at the dealer yesterday, and they fixed the few things that were a little wonky- but all in all, Blueberry the Saturn is good to go and has no problems. This means that we can be on the road without me worrying about the car- currently our most valuable asset.

I also discovered today that Tulane's direct deposit went through, so our money situation is much much better than it was yesterday. I'm not saying we can fill the jacuzzi up with gold and go swimming, but we have a small amount to keep us on our feet without burning through the entire credit card.

Cat and I really want to extend our thanks to all of you who have offered a room, or a bed, or a couch. We don't know where we will go or what we will do, but with current estimates of two-three months before we can get into the city, your offers are very welcome. We may very well take berth with someone while we secure an apartment somewhere. We are continuing on to Atlanta tomorrow, so further updates will be dispatched from there.

I saw CNN's shot of the Causeway. It looks like the end of a Michael Bay picture, with whole sections loose or missing. The looting downtown is also worrisome- but so far it seems to not have spread uptown.

Joe Petrocy sent this video link to me. It's 50 minutes of a flyover from Tuesday morning. It's a little grainy, but better than nothing:

Here's a slideshow dated Tuesday:

I also heard about a website for people to seek info about survivors/refugees. Basically a place for folks to check in and report that they're okay. Haven't been there yet, but will shortly:

Also, don't forget WWL. They still have AM broadcasts and have some good information:

Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Updates

Hello from Montgomery, AL.

We've secured our hotel room here through Thursday. Most of the folks here are relatively local (MS and AL), so they are likely to be able to go home soon. With both our governor and FEMA saying to stay away from the city, we're planning on not getting back to the city until next week. Come Thursday, we'll be in Atlanta attending Dragon*Con. We've seriously talked about what happens long-term if we do not return to New Orleans.

Others are not as lucky as we have been. Others evacuated later, others couldn't. Tomorrow, Cat and I are going to the local blood center and donate blood. I encourage anyone who can to do so. I'd like to make a joke about the fact that the mall here has an ice rink, but my wit is worn a little thin.

All things considered, New Orleans dodged a bullet. We still got hit, but it really could be much, much worse- the "toxic corpse gumbo bathtub" doomsday stories are no exaggeration. Folks in Mississippi got it too- and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but the simple fact is that other cities don't have the same kind of doomsday scenario. We're seeing the same things yall are on CNN- it's bad in the East and Gentilly, and the lower 9th is literally water to the rooftops. Uptown is mostly downed oaks and power lines, Metairie and its environs were relatively spared.

I'm going to respond to individual emails after this mass email. Good luck to those on the road, and much thanks to those keeping us in their thoughts.


Good, regularly updated info can be found at:

Times-Picayune's forums for parish-by-parish info:





River Parishes:

St. Bernard & Plaquemines

St. Tammany:

Marigny / Bywater

Vieux Carre:

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Hello to everyone.

Sorry for the mass email, but there are some big things going on down there in the Gulf. Cat and I are now safe in Montgomery, Alabama. We left early, lucked out and got a pretty awesome room at Days Inn with wireless and both a Chinese buffet and Waffle House within walking distance. You see my priorities here? :) There's also a pool.

But seriously, she and I did luck out. My mom woke us up about 7:10AM, we got on the road about 9AM, checked in here about 6:30PM. Somewhere between Mobile and Montgomery, we drove through some of Katrina's feeder bands. Within the last two hours, all the rooms have filled up. CNN says that there are still people on the road now, and it's gridlock to Baton Rouge and beyond. I also hear that some 12,000+ people are holed up in the Dome right now, sleeping on the bleachers with only what they brought, including food and water. Like I said, we lucked out.

We didn't bring much, since we wanted to get on the road as quickly as possible. I don't mean to be bleak, but we have no idea what's going to happen. I hope that we'll have a place to come back to. I just have to keep hoping for the best.

Most of my other mail accounts are down right now- I've got two servers in my trunk, and Tulane's emergency page states they've already took the mail server offline. As long as Google is still up, you can reach me at this address. If you feel like calling, try my Nextel, but cell service has been spotty at best.

If I haven't talked to you and you evacuated, let us know that you're safe.

Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed.