Wednesday, December 06, 2006

100 new games?

Stephanie, one of the cool people I met at BGGcon, makes mention of her gaming buddy Dave's goal to play 100 new games each year. I don't know Dave, but I like the idea.

She managed to play her one hundredth new game by October 1st, the 274th day of the year. For those of you following along at home that means playing a brand-new-to-you game about once every three days. Normally, I'd throw down the info about myself, but I've only been keeping track of played games for the last few months, so I'm working with incomplete data. I suppose I've played that many new games this year. I've certainly purchased at least that many post-Katrina. I've certainly played more than a hundred titles in this last year, too.

Playing one hundred new games might seem like a lot, but thinking about it- How much media does the average person intake over the course of a year? How much television soaks up time, or how many books get devoured? How many hours down the drain in front of teh internets, looking for teh funny?

Have you seen one hundred new television episodes? Learned one hundred new words in any language? Read one hundred books? Written one hundred new stories, or even one? Driven on one hundred streets?

Traditionally, folks make New Year's Resolutions in January. Why not spend some time in December examining the past year ahead of time?


Anonymous said...

I agree. You need to be thinking about New Years Reso's before New Years... And I like the 100 games idea... I'm thinking one hundred books...

Anonymous said...

The 100 concept could go on and on!!

* 100 books
* 100 movies
* Save $100 per week? :-)
* Exercise 100 days in the year (that would be an accomplishment for many!)