Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weight loss through video games

I swear I am not making this up. A guy lost nine pounds by playing thirty minutes of Wii Sports for six weeks and making no other changes in his lifestyle. How awesome is that?

Some of you might know that I'm losing weight by eating less and moving more, to steal a phrase from a vegetarian I know. I lost at least 5-10 pounds by switching to diet Dr Pepper, and more by cutting out mayonnaise and reducing my cheese intake. I've punched a third hole in my belt and am about to go down another pants size.

But back to games. Read the article- he has before and after pictures, and a lot of data about his health. The Rocky-esque montage of he training with the Wiimote is pretty amusing, too.

I'll probably pick Boxing back up. Tennis is my game of choice, hearkening back to yon days of Pong. Cat and I have started playing together, both competitively and cooperatively against the machine. Boy, do I want a widescreen TV.

Earlier this week, I saw a boxed Atari Pong set for sale in an antique store. How far we've come!


MyUtopia said...
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MyUtopia said...

Dan and I were just talking about this the other day. I think it is awesome that now kids will get exercise when they play video games.

Stephanie said...

That is awesome!! It's amazing how little by little, everything adds up! A little exercise here, cutting back a little there...

My game of choice for weight loss (if I was going to try to lose weight via playing video games) would be the Dance Dance Revolution. They even have a workout mode where you punch in your weight and how many calories you want to burn. That way when you reach your target, it lets you know! A pound is 3600 calories, so it's really a pretty simple math equation!