Monday, December 31, 2007

Laptop bag

I need a laptop bag for my MacBook.

I'm looking at a nice Brenthaven bag, partially because I like the protection their cases offer. Tom Bihn's Empire Builder gets rave reviews, but goes over my $200 budget; I don't like having to buy a sleeve and strap as an additional feature. He's got a few other bags that are on my radar, though. Timbuk2 has another few options.

I'm also strongly tempted to go to the new model of Booq- I liked my old one a lot, but it was a touch too small.

Maybe I'll throw a dart. What are you using?


majcher said...

For the last long while, I've been using bags from sfbags. They are the super bomb, highly configurable, and the dudes there have kick-ass personal customer service. They will not do you wrong.

I usually get the sleeve with the flap, strap, and piggyback - bonus being, when I get a new laptop in need of a bag, I can re-use the strap and piggyback, so, double-sweet.

Judson said...

You know that I use an Empire Builder. Similar benefits to what Mark is talking about. I'll also point out that I bought this bag a bit before you bought this last one. Maybe $200 is too little? As they say: pay now or pay later.