Sunday, January 27, 2008

Killer Amazon Feature

Let's say you're not a mouth-breathing unevolved prole and you like to read books for pleasure. Let's also say you're savvy enough to use this series of tubes to exchange money for books across long distances and eventually have a man in a brown uniform give you a professionally-packaged cardboard box full of your purchases.

If you do any amount of reading at all, you like used books; If you do any amount of online shopping at all, you like to save on shipping.

I want to go to an online retailer and say, "Sell me this, this, and this and this. I expect to pay around the average price for X quality book; you, computer, figure out which respected online vendor has all or most of what I want to buy!"

There's no need to use human brain power to sort through the used-book vendors on Amazon and see which of dozens of poorly-remembered vendor names have the titles you want. Yes, I know this is non-trivial. But damn, people- it's not that hard to search for multiple items across multiple sellers.

I want this.

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