Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Left hand, meet right hand

Microsoft is incompetent. Specifically, their Xbox 360 repair division has no idea that things happen. At all.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif


  • I acquire a 360 that's giving three lights on the Red Ring of Death.
  • I poke at it for a few weeks and finally submit a repair request to Microsoft.
  • A few days later, I receive a box to ship the console off to Mesquite, Texas.
  • They get the box in a couple of days.
  • They send me a new/refurb/repaired console which arrives in a few more days. (I should've taken better notes, but I'm pretty sure they sent me a refurb instead of repairing the one I sent them.)
  • I happily play for two days. (Not in a row, mom.)
  • Today, I get an email telling me that they never received my console and will cancel my service request.

Does this make sense in any context other than sloppy procedures on the back end?

P.S.: For those of you who find this post many moons down the road searching for "Red Ring of Death," know that the MSKB doesn't tell you the nature of such a hardware failure, but some research led me to believe that I had an AV failure of some kind, so try fiddling with your cable first.


Marc Majcher said...

There is a better process to follow for getting the RRoD fixed.

1. Buy a new Xbox360 at Fry's or somewhere with a similarly lax return policy.
2. Swap out the hard drives, if necessary.
3. Return the broken one, and tell them it was broken.
4. Done!

Also, hit me up on XBLA, dude. I'm majcher, predictably.

Gorsh said...

Mischa, hi, i´m Jorge and i´ve tried to get your email or see if you were on Story Games and both came out negative, so i´ll write here despite being totally off the topic.

We "met" during Game Chef 2007, as we were both Omegas ( Jorge = "Gorsh" ); and i still remember your "...and then you die" game. By "remember" i mean "i´d SO play this game - if only it would develop a little more than the GC entry"; and whenever i talked about it i received a similar "old guys at the asylum? Cool!" response.
So the question is: ¿will or have you developed the game further? There is a very real number of people that see a lot of potential in it, me included...

And another question for the prize of one: Will you join this year GC? It´s starting tomorrow...