Monday, October 06, 2008

Books, I miss

Even as I read the Unclutterer blog and brainstorm ways of simply getting rid of stuff I don't need, I still long for space. For room and for rooms, and for the boxes and boxes of books that I can't simply pick up and read. I want to re-read. Our library lives in cardboard now, and I welcome the joy at finding old treasures. Honestly, discovering new ones is further down the list.

What did you read for banned books week?

I? Not enough.

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goulo said...

Although I didn't read anything explicitly for Banned Books Week, I am currently reading various books and essays by early Esperanto writers, many of which would qualify, as some of their authors were even rounded up and killed by the Nazis for being Esperantists (Hitler regarded Esperanto as part of the evil Jewish conspiracy), or banned and condemned by other regimes (e.g. by Stalin).