Monday, November 24, 2008

BGG.Con 2008 Library

Several people asked me where I went out of town this last weekend, or why I went to Dallas. When I responded, "To a board game convention," most people express surprise and disbelief. I can't imagine why, honestly.

For posterity, here's a few glimpses at the library.

Party games, not under lock and key:

And now the library! 2000+ games!


Daniel said...

So you picked up Dune right :p

paul said...

omg lol. you can never tell me anything about my magic card collection now. that is amazing dude.

Peggy said...

Damn. That's a lot of games. I mean, a whole lot of games. I thought our game collection was getting out of control but I am never going to even think of grumbling at Nick about how many games we have now.

Qilapid said...

1) Sure, he picked Dune up, but I stole it out of his hands. Metaphorically. More my type of game than his.

2) All you respondents aren't looking at this the right way. You should be thinking, "zomg! I need a game library this big!"

3) This convention was totally awesome. Loads of fun. Glad to see you again this year, rossum!

goulo said...

Cool! I enjoyed virtually browsing the library shelves. (And nice that there were shelves, instead of just games piled high on tables.)

Anonymous said...
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