Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still kicking

Hello, my hopefully loyal readers. Please bear with me while I get back into the habit of writing.

Let me start this off with some pictures of what's occupied my time. I unpacked all of these boxes (nearly thirty):

Onto these shelves:

This is still a great feeling, to see my entire game collection out and displayed. I have never really seen it spread out before, and I cannot swear that these pictures really do it justice. The number's about 430ish, but some of those are expansions. I did a quick count on actual-never-played games, and that came to a shade over 100. That means that I've played more than three-quarters of my games.

My wife keeps saying, "Oh, right! I forgot about that one" and "I've never even seen that one before!" My friends are a little stunned and partially overwhelmed with choices. I need to start some plan and effort to learn unplayed games before cracking them to the group.

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Pete the Brit said...

That is I don't feel quite so bad about the size of my collection. As it's about half the size of your collection, I can't really call mine an obsession???!!!! Can I???