Thursday, July 02, 2009

War never changes

I am glad I did not pick up Fallout 3 while trying to finish painting the house.

I beat the game in a little under sixty hours of gameplay, but I suspect I could spend another ten to twenty hours or more seeking out the rest of the quests and extras, and simply exploring the world.

I have a special (no pun intended) place in my heart for the Fallout series. Not only do I eat up the post-apocalyptic genre like candy, but I believe the story and choices offered to the player really add a level of verisimilitude often missing in most computer games. I think the current development studio did a fine job in keeping with the original two games, unlike the disowned, non-canon garbage that was FOBOS. I really am quite happy at a new generation of gamers experiencing the Fallout world, with promise of more games to come. As of this writing, there's a Fallout: Vegas game in the works for 2010 and at least three downloadable content packs for the console games.

Most people expect me to play a lot of video games, but Fallout is the first video game that I've played to completion in quite a long while. I'm quite satisfied and pleased.

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Marc Majcher said...

Yeah, there's a lot to like there. I've just been sipping on it - probably thirty plus hours or so, in hour or two long stretches when I can, and I haven't really progressed along the main quest line very far. Like Oblivion, I tend to just explore a lot and do all the side stuff first - I probably put sixty hours into that game, and never really even started the main quest line.

But yeah. Dig the hell out of the whole Fallout franchise, and I really like what they did with this one - I admit I was skeptical that they'd pull it off, but they did, and how. There's clearly things to complain about, but there's so much good about it that they're completely overpowered by the awesome.