Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Huzzah! My laptop has arrived safely at Apple for repairs.

This means that I will be without laptop for a few days, at least. I've appropriated a loaner laptop, bringing a second Windows machine into my home.

Current standings of powered systems:
Windows XP gaming machine ("trogdor")
Windows XP loaner laptop ("elvis")
Cat's Ubuntu all-purpose machine ("rubicon")
Red Hat 7 mail/web server ("deathstar")
Gentoo multipurpose server ("monolith")

Unpowered machines include:
Gentoo (?) music box ("toonz")
Debian mail/web server ("stevemartin")
Red Hat 7 fax server ("faxbox")
Unknown Linux phone server ("redline")
Dumpster-dived IBM luggable (unnamed stepstool of a box)

FrankenMac's offsite with Josh indefinitely, so those pesky Windows computers are number two.

1984 Prime exists as an Apple Pages file, and now that my only reasonable means of editing said document is now out of the house, my brain has helpfully decided to turn up the heat on the ol' back burner. Maybe this is a good thing; I can take loaner to a venue where I can work and start from scratch. Hell, maybe I'll just bring paper and pen.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Mischa, I don't know if you'll survive without that laptop there... I mean, only 6 other computers to work with, oh the humanity! lol... No, I understand entirely, I would probably wither away and die without my laptop...