Monday, October 23, 2006

Long Weekend Recap

The title here could parse several ways. Maybe I had a long weekend, and here's the recap. Maybe I had a regular weekend, and here's a long recap. Possibly there's an implied "overdue" for my loyal readers who have anxiously waited for my next installment. Take it how you will, I acknowledge the relatively light last week or so when it comes to blog entries. Thanks for sticking with me.

The weather has changed here in Austin; two weeks ago, I saw temperatures in the 90s; as I write this, my weather widget reports 42 degrees outside. I suppose this is fall in the desert. With the drop in temperature came decently heavy rain, which unfortunately stirred up all the mold and pollen and whatnot, driving my allergies into overdrive. I'm not inhibited to the point of death when it comes to allergies, but I have strong reactions to the usual suspects. I'm too stubborn to see a doctor, but I'm working to change that.

The practical upshot to all this is that I've felt pretty congested with a head full of cement; not the best headspace to write engaging text out to friends and strangers on teh internets. A fair amount of time to play Beyond Good and Evil, though.

As reported two weeks ago, my game closet collapsed. Luckily, the Container Store had a sale on shelving. After some deliberation, hemming and hawing, tweaking, thinking, and actual measuring, I got a plan.


I'm also taking an excellent suggestion from John, the Round Rock Day Gamer, when it comes to storing my smaller stuff. I'll have pictures up in the near future; I've got about two-thirds of my collection put away right now. I'll say one thing, this entire affair has helped me to realize what I need to trade.

I've got a lot of boardgame play to recap for the last three weeks; I'll probably do as one long post instead of splitting it up.

Daily New Orleans thoughts:
While at Epoch, I struck up a conversation with one of the baristas about the music on the speakers- they were playing the Tiger Lilies, an unusual band I hadn't thought of in many long months (yet another need to bring up the musicbox). Turns out the man behind the counter used to own Zotz, a 24-hour coffee shop back home in New Orleans. They sold to some "like-minded kids" who evidently keep the door open and lights on.

Carl and Jackie got married Saturday. The real ceremony is in December.

I also today talked some to Bennett, who's rebuilding on the fast track and scouting a house location for us back Uptown. He sent us some photos of the work, and I was amused to see that he had included closeups of the wiring work he had done. I felt a little like less of a man because I wasn't around to help my friend drop network in his new home, but I helped him plan and gave moral support throughout the process. Also way back when before Ivan in 2004. NOLUG's own Joey Kelly had a wiring gig and needed some extra hands. Bennett, Germaine, and myself pitched in over a weekend for some extra cash and experience. I'd like to think that a little bit of my first instruction lives on in his muscle memory and within the walls of my friend's home.

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