Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My PDA is full

Full, you say? Why not delete something? Or upgrade its memory? Or simply back it up, wipe it, and reenter what you need.

Well, my friends, I don't have a digital PDA. I have something akin to the Hipster PDA, which is nothing more than index cards and an alligator clip.

Imagine a reaction to the over-digitalization of modern culture. Normally, I'm all about being pro-gadgetry, but I've recently been much more keen to optimize seconds instead of bytes. I went a little high-class for my own solutions and impulsively purchased a small memo book for 79 cents- about a penny a page! I started intentionally carrying it around with me in order to lifehackishly install a new habit, and after less than two weeks I found myself missing my little book if I didn't bring it with me.

One of the handiest things about the little memo book as compared to the oft-lauded Moleskine notebook is its cheapness. I don't feel financially guilty if I jot down a single word or two, or a URL for a friend, then tear the page out with glee and get on with things. I can also use it as a tasklist, I've always got my tool on me, and it has an ink pen, so I'm set and I have one less thing to carry.

In case you have a concern about a calendar app or the like not existing for, well, dumb paper, here's a treeware solution.

Want the pretty pictures? Go look at other people's solutions on flickr.

After about two months, I've used the eighty pages and I'm ready for another little book. That fact alone speaks to the success of this habit.

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Anonymous said...

I do the same thing, carry a little composition book around. Except mine cost 15c each... ;-) Heheh...

My Solutions:
Backpack: Portfolio (for to do lists), Mini-file (for support materials), calendar (duh).
Pocket: small pen and comp book for random notes