Friday, August 03, 2007

Sitrep, posrep

Geeks and the military love their wordplay.

My position is within a half-mile of this location.

My situation is not as easily Googlable. Cat and I are living in our friends' guest room, and the mother-in-law cottage is not yet completely renovated- that should be done in the next couple weeks, though. Then we'll have a roof over our head to call our own.

I finished the last Harry Potter book the day I got it, so feel free to discuss it with me- I no longer need to be kept spoiler-free. Cat's on the last few hundred pages right now, and I keep hearing cries of "Oh no!" and "What?" from the couch. I have to keep quiet and continually ask her what she just read so I don't accidentally spoil her.

Living with five cats and a dog does not do my allergies any good. Particularly when one of them (Zapruder, you may have met him) sleeps in the same room as we so he doesn't start a fight with the other cats. Let this be a lesson! Get your cats fixed so they play nice with others! I have a lot of thoughts here- why are dogs so different than cats? Is it because they are more social creatures? Is it because their brains are bigger? Is it a few thousand years more of animal husbandry? But there's no doubt in my mind that dogs have a language center in their brains that cats lack, making dogs more like little furry people. Right now, I can't wait for health insurance so I can get some real allergy meds.

Speaking of health insurance, I've got a job interview tentatively lined up next week. Keep your fingers crossed that it's awesome and they hire me. I also have a small repair job or two based on my rep for awesomeness. I don't know if I could make a living out of these onesy-twosey jobs, but I don't know if I'd want to.

Game-wise, I've only played a few things. Most of my games are still in boxes.

But what of the city? So much is different, and so much is the same... but a lot of things are hauntingly familiar, or missing. I know it's not even been two years, but halve any city's population and see what parts of it die and what can survive. It shocks me to see empty lots or boarded-up buildings next door to bustling houses or businesses. If I had the money, I'd invest in land. I still daydream about starting a new industry to help the city come back.

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