Monday, August 13, 2007


Twitter is another one of these newfangled Web 2.0 sites that I only peripherally know about. In a nutshell, Twitter acts like a micromicro blog: You text or IM or email a more-or-less one-line status update. "What are you doing?" asks the site.

Wired has a good article suggesting that the aggregate data of Twitter has value to you- you can know what your people are up to in the gestalt. Go read that article.

If you use Twitter, tell me. I want to know what you're doing.


goulo said...

I think I will just take the article at its word when it says Twitter can be a big time sink. :)

Jeremy said...

I've tried to avoid Twitter (and Jaiku), but I can almost see the value of Pownce, which is a similar idea but allows you to send files.

Drey said...

I have been resisting Twitter's call for some time now. But its microblogging concept appeals to my techno-narcissism.

SquishArt said...

Its to much for me. I just noticed one today on PVP. I already blog, not sure I'd want to do this sort of thing.

Ken said...

I have my moments with's actually interesting to use for swarm-type connectivity at cons and such. 'kenzoid', natch.

BTW...did you make it to DragonCon, dude? I didn't see you, but the gaming area was so fractured that I was never sure. Hope things are well, regardless.