Monday, May 12, 2008

A scary number

According to my extended BGG stats page, I own 176 games I've "never" played.

Well, not exactly never ever, to tell the truth. I only started keeping track of games I played in September 2006, so I have years of data that I'll never get. But I generally know which games I've never played, or haven't played since the storm. But 176? It seems like a lot, certainly by the numbers. It's right around half of my collection.

But let's examine the facts in some more detail: The majority of my collection I haven't had access to since we moved back home. So for nearly a year now, most of my games live in storage boxes.

Some of my games I haven't played since before the storm. Some of them simply aren't a weekly get-to-the-table sort of game. Some I don't know how to play. Some I keep for nostalgic value. Some I keep for show, I'll admit. Could I do a major cull? Definitely. Could I easily pick up dozens more without thinking too hard? Absolutely.

How many games to I own that are still in shrinkwrap? I don't have that information.

I so look forward to having a real game room where I can open and fiddle and display and have room to play. Boy, do I have game room envy.

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