Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When I picked up dinner last night at my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, I happened into the owner. I haven't seen him in a while; we do a lot more pick-up than sit-down these days. So we chatted for a bit, and I realized that I hadn't seen him since before I proposed to Cat, so I proudly showed off my ring and announced our engagement.

I got big smiles, a hug, and congratulations.

I also realized that I've known a restaurateur longer than my fiancée. I love this town.


seanmccoy said...

That food looks amazing! This summer we're filming in my favorite Indian food restaurant in Austin, Sarovar.

Me and all the old non-mutants miss you and wish you great congratulations on your engagement. We talk about you all the time.

Lumizent said...

and that is why Lebanon's is awesome.

Lumizent said...

^ btw, this is Kat. >.< just signed in from my WoW blog.