Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Still in Shrink

So to speak.

Even though more than three-fourths of my game shelf is in storage, I've managed to not play some of the ones I have close at hand. A few of the titles on this list are cheats, in the sense that I've played the game but not my copy. Others I haven't played since moving home almost a year ago.

A mostly accurate list, at this point in time, to the best of my imperfect knowledge, while looking about in the dark and pulling from memory.

1960: The Making of the President (BGG, BUY ME!), never played, still in shrink. A well-respected two-player historical strategy game. Got to find a partner and the time to understand it.

Arkadia (BGG, BUY ME!), played before, my copy still in shrink. It's a clever timing and building game. I have an extra copy for trade, and someone else in the gang has a copy already.

Bauwerk (BGG, IMPORT), played before, my copy still in shrink. Super clever little building dexterity game for two. I've got to give props to D-Bomb for introducing this to me.

Conquest (BGG, OOP), unplayed by me, got in trade. I hear it's a good combat game that makes extensive use of action points. I believe I have the four-player version.

Cranium (BGG, BUY ME!), unplayed for quite some time. I think my party game tastes have changed. Got this one at a thrift store, though.

Escape from Colditz (BGG, OOP), unplayed, got in trade. Not sure why. I think as a reverse Scotland Yard, it holds intrigue. A little uncomfortable to have someone play the Nazi.

House of Whack (BGG, BUY DIRECT), played before, my copy unplayed. Also signed by the designer, my buddy Drey.

Khet Mezzanine (BGG, BUY ME!) Strictly speaking, this is the "Tower of Kadesh." I think I technically played once, but I was playing with my laser toy instead of competing.

La Strada (BGG, BUY ME!), unplayed by me. A middle weight euro about roads. I'm pretty sure I traded too aggressively for this, mistakenly appraising it as worth more.

Make 'n Break (BGG, BUY ME!)/Make 'n Break Extreme (BGG, BUY ME!), sort of unplayed. I was seduced by bright colors, wooden blocks, and a steep discount. I read the rules and was instantly let down- I was hoping for more interaction/competition. Honestly not sure if I care, and I love dexterity games.

Money (BGG, BUY ME!), still in shrink, unplayed. A Knizia card game I've heard good things about this little card game and succumbed to a promo for a copy before it came back into print.

More Cosmic Encounter (BGG, OOP NEENER NEENER), played before, my copy unplayed. Not quite sure which box has the base set.

Pandemic (BGG, BUY ME!), played before, my copy unplayed. w00t, played!

Pillars of the Earth expansion (BGG, BUY ME!), another expansion that hasn't made it out.

Ponte de Diavolo (BGG, BUY ME!), still in shrink. I love two-player abstracts, and this one looks like a game of connections.

Poser (BGG, BUY B&N B&M), unplayed, bought on a whim. It appears to be a party game with some promise.

Princes of Florence (BGG, BUY ME!), unplayed. Got in trade. Strong recommendations from a friend. Not to be confused with Traders of Genoa. Pesky Mediterranean peoples.

RoboRally Armed and Dangerous (BGG, OOP NEENER NEENER), unplayed since way before the storm. Got this copy in trade. I've also got an unplayed WotC edition. I do like the production values of the newer Avalon Hill edition, plus the rules cleaning-up. Call me a traitor.

San Marco (BGG, OOP NEENER NEENER), my copy unplayed. Got in trade. A keeper.

Shift (BGG, OOP), unplayed thrift store trade fodder. A simple vintage maze game.

St. Petersburg plus exansion (BGG, BUY ME!), played before, but not mine. w00t, played! Never played the expansion. Rio Grande has an English version due soon.

Stop Thief (BGG, LONG OOP), a vintage 80s electronic crime game. I hear that it's a solid deduction game if you tweak out some of the pure chance.

Ticket to Ride Swizterland (BGG, BUY ME!), an expansion that I don't own the base game for. Bought in California. Support your FLGS!

(BGG, BUY ME!), a game I need to play again- a solid building Euro with action points and cool plastic towers.

Traders of Genoa (BGG, POSSIBLY OOP), played before, just not my copy. Not to be confused with Princes of Florence. Pesky Mediterranean peoples.

TV Scene It! (BGG, BUY ME!), picked up at a thrift store. I think I've technically played this. I don't watch much broadcast television.

(BGG, BUY ME!), picked up in trade. I succumbed to the siren call of the mechanics- I want to draw lines around the shipping lanes of Europe while blindfolded!

So what does this say about me? Clearly, that I like to trade and I don't have enough time or participants to play everything I care to.

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Scott Radish said...

If there's one thing I miss about living in Freret Street, it's the constant access and supply of really good board games that you and Judson had. If you guys ever need an extra player, give me a call. I could use some grown-up time.