Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mandatory Evac

Nagin is calling for a mandatory evac tomorrow. We are leaving in time to catch the contraflow around four am. Gustav looks to be twice the size of Katrina and will probably make landfall as a Category Four storm. For my out-of-state readers, WWL is a good source of facts.

It's a little harder to leave this time, since I know what we stand to lose. In the little house where we stay, all of the electrical was redone to be above the waterline, so there's a nice line around the room where you can look and say, "okay, everything below this line will be destroyed."

I sleep below sea level, but not this night.


cora6771 said...

Our thoughts are with you both. Take good care, and keep us updated on your travel.
All our love,
Cora and kiddos.

Sean McCoy said...

My prayers and those of the Nicks are of course always with you. I know you might not want to come here again, but if you ever need anything from your Texan family, let us know. You have my number and if you don't you can always get it through my e-mail.

Much love friend,

Yehuda said...

Save the games. ;-)


Peggy said...

Good luck.

Sean said...

Good luck with the evacuation. Things look to be better organized this time, hopefully you will be able to make good progress to your destination.

Dawn V said...

If you want to go really far East there's a place for the two of you here in Orlando, FL

Check your email for my number if you need it.


Phil said...

Let us know where you're going. If you need anything just call.