Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pie and times

My lovely wife has made a pie of strawberries, blueberries, and either raspberries or blackberries or both. I have not eaten the whole pie; I am eating the last piece. It is tart, cool, and refreshing.

Big events in the last few days. Most notably, we're moving forward on buying a house. It's been just over a year since we came home after the storm and we are overdue to have a place of our own. On some level, I feel like we've reset to three (!) years ago. Yay, mortgages.

Some new games in the mix, most notably Agricola, which is proving rather popular in the local group.

I did not go to Gen Con, so I've had to live vicariously through my distant friends' posts about hip new RPGs and bleeding-edge boardgames that I've not heard of. I don't like being the guy not in the know, and it's hard to prep, schedule the time and assemble players on the same mental page.

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Peggy said...

That pie looks damn good.

Ah, storm recovery. It takes so damn long sometimes. Congratulations on getting out of that shed - it'll do wonders for your sanity and your relationship, I'm sure!

And we picked up Agricola last weekend, but have not actually had a chance to play it yet. Maybe after we're done with hauling my show to the gallery tomorrow...