Sunday, January 21, 2007

Geaux Saints

I actually have broadcast television on in my house. I'm watching football and relearning the rules to this odd little game. I'm not fully caffeinated, but my conversation with Cat has consisted of "Okay, so they have four 'downs' to do what now?" and "That's bad and it means they have the ball, right?" and "NOOOOOOO!"

Who has not paid off the Bears? How can they, with a clear conscience, win this game? The Saints have never been in the playoffs, much less the Superbowl.

It's less than two minutes left in the second quarter (out of four, hence the name) and the Saints are losing, 16-0. The other guys (some sort of bear) have made three field goals, which grant three victory points each. The other guys were sitting on the goal line of the Saints; once they put the ball over that line, they took six more victory points, with a chance for an extra point. The game of football is timed, so there's not a given victory point goal to achieve- just the high score at the end of the game.

Saints go all the way, Saints go all the way... Oh, I believe.

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