Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's my birthday

So far, I got: gift cards, cool geeky toys, and Cat got me a cool German mechanical metronome! Woohoo! I busted out a didj last night a played for a little bit and it really helped me keep my rhythm. I can't wait to practice in earnest.

Oddly enough, I received two pirate-themed birthday cards in a seemingly uncoordinated fashion. Maybe they're trying to tell me something?

Later tonight is dinner with my bro and our respective ladies at Katz's (a 24-hour deli), with possibly a game or two to round out the evening. I also believe the Renegades are having a roleplaying game this week for me.

Can you guess how old I am? Hint: it's a power of two, which is geekily awesome in and of itself.


MyUtopia said...


Dan said...

Happy Birthday! When you go to Katz' Deli, avoid the grilled salami with cream cheese. I know it sounds good, but it will cause you some hurtin'.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have fun. Seriously, a power of 2, that's so obvious!!

If it's the Katz Deli in NYC, I heard that the pastrami is the way to go!

quantum-mechanic said...

Wow, you look pretty good for being 64! Nice work on aging well... ;-) LOL, happy birthday my friend!

Pete the Brit said...

O.k. so I missed your birthday by one day......happy belated one from Houston, Texas