Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's backup time

My man Tom back home had some data problems, both at work and at home, to the tune of a 2.5 terabyte (Mega, then Giga, then Tera- imagine about a quarter of the Library of Congress) disk failure and a flaky home system.

I'm doing my backups right now. I use a handy program called Synk to do the dirty work onto a 300GB external drive. I also set up a monthly reminder for myself to run backups. What is it about April that makes me think about backing up?

I don't do it frequently enough, and I know better. You can get a blank DVD for about a buck, so compare spending less than a crappy meal and one evening's time versus days and weeks and months if you need to recreate everything on your machine. Just imagine that for a second, that you have to retype every document, rediscover all your contacts, remember all your emails, take brand new photographs, redo your taxes, find new porn, rip your music, etc etc etc.

When was the last time you backed up your stuff?

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