Saturday, April 28, 2007

My keys are lighter

Yesterday, I relinquished more than half of the mass of my keychain to my former job. No, I didn't weigh it. Yes, I wanted to.

I no longer have a key to the Xilinx Austin office, their server room, or the admin's lockbox; I also don't have a nifty VPN token (handy for random numbers if you forget your dice), either. Now I only have house, car, mailbox, and the ring itself. This is all metaphor that I don't have to strain or stretch to make it fit. I've shed responsibility, burdens, and restraints- the world is my oyster and I can do anything.

What's on your keyring? What do you need? What can you get rid of?


goulo said...

2 keys for the 2 locks in my apartment door; 1 key for the building's front door; 1 key for access to the trash dumpsters; a rubber key chain thingie with a smiling face on a green "V" from Veggie Heaven on the drag in Austin.

Stephanie said...

When I moved into my apartment almost a year ago, I greatly pared down my keyring. I have just the basics: car key, apartment key, gate to my complex key and mail key. I also have a keyless door clicker thing and a B-52's Rock Lobster decoration thing.

I keep a keyring in my car that is all the essential work keys that I rarely use.