Sunday, April 22, 2007

The paradox of choice

If you had three months with no vocational obligations, would you take the opportunity to pursue your dreams? How would you change your life if you find yourself no longer tied to your job?


majcher said...

That depends - am I still getting paid, or do I have to plan ahead and figure out what I'm going to do when my money runs out three months down the road?

(Either way, I vote for "dreams".)

goulo said...

If your dream involves travelling around, I'd do it.

If your dream involves working on some project(s) at home, I'd do them, but also keep working part time as well just to keep some structure and daily routine and avoid the trap of become a crazy or depressed hermit, unless you're sure you can truly stay healthily focused on the dream project(s).

Phil said...
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Phil said...

sorry, left a comment with a link in it but messed up and don't know how to edit a this might be a double post thing...meh.

Basically, don't stop believing!

What I would do is take the first month, and just go for it. Work harder then I have, and try to get some real momentum behind this thing. After that, I'd go for what will allow me to keep pursuit of my dream alive and well, but also allows me to pay them pesky bills. Misch' if I saw you as a professional game/doo reviewer then you would of just won.



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