Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moving party!

A few months ago, Cat and I were interviewed twice by a social worker about our Katrina experiences for some study done by the University. Last night, the three of us got together for dinner and catching up, and she offered to help us move... and find boxes.

Many hands make for light work, as the adage tells us, and a few people have asked me if there's a big send-off thing that might happen for me before leaving. So we might throw a moving party. Get enough people over here, bribe 'em with some combination of pizza or beverages or games, and make it the social event of the season.

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arsagano said...

You can easily get boxes. craigslist has a section for free stuff that people are giving away. It's usually old furniture that only college students could love. However, there is always a post or two giving away moving materials after people are done with them. You have to be quick about it though because people jump on that stuff like hobos on a ham sandwich.