Saturday, June 30, 2007

One megaplay

About this time, I played my one thousandth game since I started keeping track in September of 2006. The game was Time's Up! (BGG, BUY ME!), and I shared that play with about a dozen other people split up into three or four per team. Team Monkey consisted of Dan and Kelly plus Emily. Team Lloyd, headed by Bryon, also included Kim and Logan (with mascot Jack), plus Shannon. Team Caffeine, led by Mischa, included Chad and Jen, plus Andrew. Team "Richard" was Nick, D-bomb, and Jack.

Team Caffeine won.

Cat asked me what I thought about having played a thousand games. I think it's a good start.

1 comment:

goulo said...

1. Am I missing something, or does the BGG interface actually incredibly not show the total games played, so that you must manually add them up?

2. I think you mean "kiloplay", not "megaplay".

3. Congratulations!