Sunday, September 16, 2007

Imagine an Evil Google

I normally don't talk about what I'm reading my RSS, I just share them and move along. I assume that some people read what catches their eye, but there must be some folks who don't know that I'm doing this. I read a lot, especially lately, and I don't write nearly enough.

Maybe I should write more about what I've read lately, perhaps do a little more op-ed pieces.

My man Ken, who I missed at Dragon*Con, points us to a short fiction piece by Cory Doctorow called Scroogled. Read it, read it.

What has massive, effortless, ubiquitous search done for you lately? What do you fear it could do? What might you hope it would do?


Ken said...

Hey dude! Thanks for the shoutout! WRT D*C...did I somehow just miss you in the (fractured) gaming areas, or were you not able to make it? We'll have to get more organized for next year to make sure we meet up. Andy actually skipped a year this year anyway...but he should be on board for '08.

quantum-mechanic said...

Thanks for sharing! ;-)