Friday, September 28, 2007

Update, briefly

My Macbook in in the shop for a failed optical drive and a cracked case. Here's hoping it comes back soon.

I also have two job leads, so keep your fingers crossed on that front.

You know how much I love wordplay and dialects, so rate yourself: Yankee or Dixie? I'm 83% Dixie, which is a little stunning. What about you?

Also, someone on BGG posted a deathmatch-style Wiz-War variant. Fun!


goulo said...

I got "60% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category." Although I grew up in Houston, my mom grew up in the north.

Amusing WizWar article!

Pete the Brit said...

I scored 76% (Dixie). Which is pretty scary given that I'm english! Having said that, the way I pronounce 'Aunt' wasn't even an option on the test!

S said...

Well, I am certainly interested in this score. I often get asked whether I am from the mid-west, and the conversation usually goes like so ::
Them: "Are you from here?"
Me: "Yeah"
Them: "Are you sure?"
Me: *rolling eyes* "Yes"
Them: "Wow, I could have sworn you were from the mid-west, maybe *pause* OHIO or something"
Me: "Yeah, I get that a lot"
Them: "Maybe it's because you don't have a drawl, N'Awlins accent"
Me: "Thank you!"

73% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!