Friday, September 07, 2007

Productivty hack du jour (or du hier)

Following on the heels of the popular and possibly successful Inbox Zero from 43 Folders, someone has come up with Buddy List Zero. As of press time, the site is a little content-light, which seems oddly apropos.

In a nutshell, the basic idea revolves around culling down incoming distractions by getting rid of IM-associated clutter. I particularly like the notion of removing buddies you haven't chatted with after a month.

I'm going a little more extreme, and basically turning off Adium, my handy Mac cross-platform chat client. I still have Gtalk active, so if you need to IM me, there's your venue. If you only contacted me via AIM/ICQ/MSN/YIM for chatski excitement, be advised that I won't constantly be online and available for the near future. Most of you should have my email address or my cell if you need me.

Let's see how this works, shall we? Maybe I'll get some work done.


goulo said...

For several years I've intentionally not used IM (except for a few explicitly pre-arranged Googletalk meetings) since it it such an interruptive and intrusive time sink.

quantum-mechanic said...

yeah, I'm not a big fan of IM. I have AIM, but I rarely use it.