Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another one gone

Gary Gygax died today. I grew out of D&D by the time I went to college, but I'm still into role playing games. I don't play as much as I'd like these days.

Say what you like about the man or his games, but you can't deny his influence on the gaming industry. Really, who hasn't played D&D or known someone who has?

I don't like this trend of death lately.


Peggy said...

"Shit. Finally failed that saving throw. Well, I'll roll up a new one next session. What do we need for the party?"

Seventy years, and his creation made it into the hearts and mind of a generation of nerds. Not a bad run.

Jay said...

Serenity RPG! The good ol' days.

Yeah, that's 2 deaths lately. They say them come in 3's. Aren't you glad we're not famous?

le père said...

We're all getting old!