Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Better geeking through technology

What do I do on the first day of accursed Daylight Saving Time?

I play actual first edition (sorta) D&D via Skype with my old game group in Austin. Tomb of Horrors.

No lie. Word to Gary.


le père said...

It's really a shame about Gary. Hundreds of hours of time spent rolling dice and well... generally preparing for that career in game design that I thought would never make any real money.

Tis such a shame. Gary will be missed.

Ken said...

Tomb of Horrors FTW, dude. What a module! I've got Andy and a couple of other guys in a Palladium Fantasy game recently...good times. I almost pulled out my old blue book D&D for this past weekend though, just for old time's sake.