Sunday, March 30, 2008


Someone recently tossed my car.

That is to say, I woke up to find the contents of my car strewn about the interior. Both visors flipped down, the glove box emptied on the seats, the fold-down backseat pulled down and the costumes in my spilled out across my backseat. My few CDs still there, but moved around. The XBox 360 game I borrowed remained in place, and the collectible Voltron knockoff in the trunk looked undamaged and still sealed.

They took the few bucks I had in change for meters and the paper. Not a great way to start the day but it could be much worse. No sign of forced entry, no damage to the vehicle.

Moral of this story: Lock your doors and don't become a victim of opportunity.

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Drey said...

Dude, that sucks. I had that happen when I owned a custom van. They took the built in TV (which was my only tv at the time) and, worse yet, the black helicopter pilot helmet I let the "co-pilots" wear. What did they need my helmet for?