Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Linky clicky

Here's a round-up of things I'm reading right now. Well, not right now right now, but within the last few hours right now. These roam all over the blogosphere and touch a variety of emotions and reading moods, so I'll helpfully categorize and comment.

From Gone Gaming, here's Six Degrees of Collaboration, showing how board and card game designers work together to create their games. Notably, there's a big graphic map at the bottom, and a reference to another post that shows how two collaborating designers can create two different games. (Make sure to check out the photos of prototypes.)

From the eponymous and anonymous Waiter of Waiter Rant, here's Heaven & Hell, doing a fine job of refuting Sarte. I first started reading the Waiter in the weeks following Katrina. Some days I wish he delivered more "a funny thing happened on the way to the four-top," but I can't stand here and deny the power of his words, particularly with this post.

Disgusting and silly:
From The Sneeze, here's the collected episodes of Steve Don't Eat It! Come on, man. It's the Internet. You know they have stuff like this out there. And hey, this is way funnier than reading what I still consider the strangest thing I've yet seen on the Internet ever (and don't forget that I've played around in this nutty little chunk of cyberspace for something like fifteen years): erotic fan fiction of wrapping Roy Orbison in clingfilm.

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