Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weekend linky clicky

In a sign of serendipitous coincidence, I heard about a new alternate history mockumentary presuming if the South had won the Civil War. It's called CSA: The Confederate States of America. Kevin Willmott, a professor out of the University of Kansas, got this satire/commentary/comedy/candid look at racism/mockumentary/alternate history experiment produced with the help of Spike Lee. (I find this information even moreso interesting because of yesterday's playtest- 1984 Prime is a game of alternate history, presuming nuclear apocalypse as the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis. More on the playtest later- notes and scheming machinations are happening even as we speak.) You can hear the NPR story for yourself or catch the full trailer at the official site. It's coming nowhere near me, but I suspect I'll snag it once it hits DVD.

If you like mashups, check out the movie trailer contest over at Fark. Notably, I saw Toy Story: Requiem (for a Dream). This is a little unnerving, to say the least. Be advised- I also don't think it's entirely work-safe, so use headphones.

My brother sent me a link to Flixster, a social movie site. Basically you rate movies and see how other people rated them, then you get to see how compatible you are. To join this phenomenon, and see your movie compatibility with me, click here and look for the "Movie Compatibility Test." Shameless, I know, but none of you want to be my Netflix friend, so I resort to other methods.

I've been working with implementing Getting Things Done by capturing into a specialized and lighter-weight TiddlyWiki called, imaginatively enough, GTDTiddlyWiki. It's definitely something worth looking at, at least to realize the power of the web as a platform.

And now I gotta run- we're going to a Mardi Gras party tonight, hosted by an old college buddy I haven't seen in almost a decade. I've been looking forward to this all week.

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MyUtopia said...

The monkeyman and I want to see it too. It will most likely play at the Arbors theater out by the Arboretom, since they play all indy films not blockbusters.