Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First Day at School

Work, really. It's really good to get back into some real geekery. I'm particularly looking forward to getting a Linux, Solaris, and a Windows box on my desk plus a snazzy twentysomething-inch LCD flat-panel.

First day was regular sort of first day things- set up voice mail, get a proxcard, introduce myself, get a high-level overview of the LANs and WAN I'll support, find out where they hide the dry-erase markers, introduce myself to the various machine in the server room, find the replacement packaging tape for the tape-gun, look at the freely available potables in the kitchen, and such like. They do have Diet Dr Pepper.

I even have a nice cube, as these things go. Eight-foot square, with five-foot actual walls and a door. Yes, a sliding door on a cubicle! Better yet, it's made out of whiteboard!


MyUtopia said...

Glad to hear that your first day of "real" work went well.

Nyarly said...

Dude. Solaris. Ew.

Kevin Kreamer said...

Sliding whiteboard door... spiffy :-)