Sunday, March 12, 2006

Myshbackforward: Didj, Game Chef, Movie

Slashdot (News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.) runs news stories and articles. Occasionally, one will merit a second glance as the story develops; they editorial staff (such as they are) dub this a Slashback. In the same vein, welcome to the Myshbackforward, as I give you a quick update.

Earlier today, I tested out my cut, bored, epoxied — and now waxed agave didj. I originally thought that it played extremely poorly, but with a bit of beeswax as a mouthpiece, I found it much easier to play. Still with very little backpressure, the didj's length and the laws of physics dictate that it's a very low note. I'll try to get a recording accessible to the intarweb.

I just got back from a brainstorming session for this year's Game Chef Competition. It felt really good to get the old noodle working again. To cut to the chase, this year's theme forces a time constraint on the game, and the ingredient menu suggests a Chinese menu- Pick three from Column A (Ancient, Committee, Emotion, Glass) or three from Column B (Actor, Law, Steel, Team). I believe that the time is trickier than it appears at first blush, and successfully working within these constraints may actually be harder than making good thematic use of the ingredients. I'll blog more about this later, but this year's time constraints really force oneself to think about the structure of the game/story.

And speaking of story, tomorrow marks the premiere of Gretchen, a movie my brother worked on. If you already plan to attend SXSW, you might see me there!

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