Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kelly's Gabby's Tish's George's Movie Challenge

And then George told Tish who told Gabby who told Kelly who told me. In a nutshell, blog about three less-than-common movies that you like, and explain/introduce them to readers.

I don't see this as a blogosphere/we b2.0 memetastic thing; I like the five degrees of separation phenomenon. Plus I haven't talked about movies in too long. As a matter of fact, this post originated more than a year ago.

Once Netflix gets some more useful web tools for bloggers, I'll be able to share and shill more easily. Until then, I'll do what I can.

Firstly, let me suggest District B13. This is a semi-futuristic French action flick, reminiscent of the Transporter and the Fifth Element. Luc Besson writes it, so there you go. Why should you see it? It's awesome to see very gritty urban real stuntwork (a la Jackie Chan), which I found out later is called Parkour. Here, watch this chase sequence.

(Direct link to video.)

Next, Brick. This noir and stylish detective story is set in an affluent California high school. Compelling, intriguing, many-layered, beautiful to look at. I can't say enough good things about this one. Must, must, must.

Trailer, embedded:

(Direct link to video.)

Finally, Dead Alive, from Peter Jackson. You might have heard of a few movies about a ring and some short people? Back when he was doing lower-budget independent film in New Zealand, Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson made the best zombie movie featuring a lawnmower, custard, necrophilia, and Oedipal complexes. Arguably, it's the best zombie movie ever, and certainly one of the most disgusting. If you get a chance, find the super-deluxe uncut edition (runtime 104 minutes) instead of the unrated (runtime 97 minutes). The R-rated version you can find at Big Choice National Chain is not worth it (runtime 85 minutes).

So many of our movies are still in boxes right now. I love Netflix.

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