Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No Gen Con for you!

Yes, it's that time of year again- the time of Gen Con. as I write this, there's a day and a half until "the best four days in gaming," and I'm not going.

This, in a word, sucks.

But never fear- Dragon*Con is in less than a month! We're definitely going. Also, a little bird named Dan tells me that next year is Gen Con's 40th anniversiary, and that sounds like an event I can't miss.


MyUtopia said...

We will have fun for you ;)

Ken said...

Hey Mischa, it's Ken, of Ken and Andy, your Dragon*Con gaming room buddies. Glad to hear you're going to make it! I kept up with your blog for a couple of months late last year, then let it slip (need to add it to my feed reader...good gaming stuff here!), but then Andy and I were talking the other day, and wondered if you were going to make it to Dragon*Con. I'll let him know, and send him this way to drop you a line.

See you in the new gaming room!