Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The name of things

Even though I can't make a meeting and I'm not as big a Linux advocate as when I used it on my primary box, I still subscribe to the New Orleans Linux User's Group mailing list. It's low-traffic and I like seeing familiar names.

The NOLUGgers passed along a great response to the controversy surrounding what to call an operating system that uses the Linux Kernel. Short story: some folks akin using Linux as a misnomer for your OS as to saying, "I drive a diesel-powered car" when talking about your automobile. I know, that's not the best metaphor, but it'll do.

Atul Chitnis's response goes on to say something like "Well, yeah, but do you really want to say 'I drive a Ford/Goodyear/Wankel/Tucker/Bob/Fred/Fritz?'" A short read, worthwhile if you geek out about this stuff.

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