Friday, June 02, 2006

Intertron linkage

Intarweb, Webernet, Intertron. It's all fun. Here are a few links for you.

Last week's Escapist had a good article on people who work at play, both in the real and virtual casino sense and the Massively Multiplayer Online game sense.

Gone Gaming had a good Memorial Day article on War and wargaming, plus an interesting way of thinking about what "The Golden Age of Gaming" means.

I recently downloaded a utility called MacSaber. It uses the motion sensor in my MacBook to make lightsaber sounds, and it ROCKS. Strangers' videos can be seen on YouTube.

While downloading drivers from Dell today, I noticed one OS option was "Apple Mac OS." I swear I am not making this up.

Game night tonight and yesternight. I still have many old notes from previous game sessions to post. Last night's impromptu session of Rêve led to a longish discussion of RPG theory- I'll have to post about it when I have more time to arrange my thoughts.

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