Thursday, June 15, 2006


Why does no dentist in Austin have weekend hours? Virtually none of them have Friday hours either! I guess they all must play golf together, or have a regatta on the river. (They call it a "lake" here.)

I heard an advert on the radio by the Software Business Alliance encouraging disgruntled employees to rat out software piracy in exchange for financial rewards. However you feel about this, COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS NOT THEFT!

An art teacher in Austin had non-erotic nude photographs taken by her girlfriend, who posted them on Flickr. Chaos ensues by busybodies trying to "protect the children." The teacher might lose her job.

When did bacteria become germs, anyway? "Germs," ironically enough, is such a sanitized concept.

These mini-rants have been brought to you by the City of Austin and Corporate America. Enjoy!


catzmiyow said...

. . . and I can't help but wonder: would the school fascists - er, I mean, officials - have been this upset if the teacher wasn't a (whisper) lesbian?

MyUtopia said...

I agree with you Cat. It is super ridiculous. My dentist has Friday hours, but I am not all that thrilled with him.

Kevin Kreamer said...

Welcome to Texas, which even in "liberal" Austin is pretty conservative (which has somehow adopted the meaning knows better than you about how to live your own life).

Marc Majcher said...

We know that teacher's girlfriend (and photographer), and they're both the awesomeest. The school district could really do with some slappity-slap and some fire-burning. Jerks.

If you want a good dentist recommendation, let me know. The Cowboy will take care of you good.