Friday, June 30, 2006

On the road again

Huzzah, back in Louisiana! We're crashing for the night in Crowley, about 2.5 hours from New Orleans. Some of you may remember the important role that Crowley played last October.

Amazingly, the rental made it just over 351 miles on about three-quarters of a tank of gas. Go, Corolla, go!

The current roadkill register has a surprising turn of events- Skunks in the lead with three, followed by Armadillos with, two and Raccoons in dead last with only one dead one spotted thus far. Place your bets!

And speaking of wildlife... We pulled over in Vinton just over the border to stretch out legs, and saw a cockroach. Not ten minutes in Louisiana, and we saw a cockroach. I had nearly forgotten that they existed back in the desert. What a welcoming committee, eh?

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