Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Mundane Perspective

First day at work back from con, had lunch with two coworkers at Flores Mexican Restaurant. I had a crispy beef taco, a cheese enchilada, and rice and beans.

They asked me about my convention weekend and seemed faintly surprised that I had fun, enjoyed it, and wanted to go. I talked about the usual explanations of a con to mundanes: it's movies and comics and film and Star Wars and gaming and Japanese Animation and Star Trek and sci-fi and comics and miniatures and fantasy and Lord of the Rings and such like. I find that the large pop culture references help, but most people next ask if I dress up. (No, I don't.)

My two lunch buddies looked faintly surprised at my enthusiasm, and when pressed, revealed a fact that made me a little sad inside. They explained that they had never before gone to a convention for pleasure, only business. I found it hard to believe that people could be so... passionless about something in their lives to not share it with others, or to fail to pursue the interest in much regard.

I didn't have much of a response. How low has the modern American worker sunk?

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