Monday, September 18, 2006

Shameless Shilling

My brother's production company, Pepper Island Films, is seeking donations for their upcoming film project. If you're in the Austin area, they're holding a garage sale to raise money- feel free to donate items (they'll arrange for a pick up) or mark your calendars and buy something.

Saturday & Sunday
Oct 7-8, 8am-2pm
5210 Martin Ave 78751

Alternatively, if you have a few spare bucks and PayPal, do me a favor and drop something in their tin cup.

Also, Ellen Simonetti, the flight attendant fired for blogging, has her new book available over at Heck, she's the only person I personally know with a Wikipedia article, a mention on Slashdot, and a New York Times byline. (Where's my copy, Ellen?!)

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Elrod said...

we man love you.