Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Post-Katrina quickies

At long long last, the Camellia Grill is due to reopen! Camellia is a 60-plus-year-old nearly 24-hour diner back in New Orleans; it's been closed since the storm. Famous for the straw-serving, chocolate Freezes ("Make it loose"), french-fry omelets, with both burgers and breakfast grilled next to each other, the storefront has since spawned dozens, if not hundreds of notes begging for it to reopen. The T-P nods to the rumor that Emeril Lagasse may be a silent partner. BAM!

My man Clinton and his wife, Crystal, got a Post-K newspaper write-up in their now-local newspaper in South Carolina. Crystal was en route back to New Orleans from Saigon when the storm hit. Clinton, I know, left with even less than we did, taking computer and a few game books and clothes. He might've had one bag and evacuated with four other people to Houston.

Crystal's blog pointed me to two paramedics' experiences of working in New Orleans during the hurricane. Just reading this brings it all to the forefront again, and I realize just how lucky we were and still are.

I re-read this prior to posting, and now I can't write any more just yet.

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