Monday, February 05, 2007

Casual electronic gameplay

I spent a good deal of this last Sunday playing videogames, which is a little unusual for me.

I've found a new-to-me site for those wonderfully addicting Flash games that are so popular these days. On the plus side, the eponymous Jay of "Jay is Games" does a good job of reviewing/overviewing each game, adding tags and such so you know what is Flash and what is downloadable: Windows (usually) Mac (sometimes)... Sorry, Tux, you're vastly underrepresented. On the minus side, prepare to lose track of time.

Here are a few picks; N.B., I take no responsibility for your lost productivity.

There's literally dozens, if not hundreds, more games to choose from. I have at least three or four tabs open with what to play next.

You'll notice a theme here: Casual. This is sort-of-a buzzword for the kind of gaming that things like the Wii or mobile phone games try to achieve: Imagine the person with only drips and drabs of free time: the commuter on the subway with ten or fifteen minutes to kill, or the office worker with a thirty-minute lunch break, the new parent with a napping infant. These people like entertainment, but might not have hours and hours to devote to play. (Somewhere Greg Costikyan has a great essay on the growth of casual gaming, but I can't find it at this point in time.)

At any rate, casual gaming is great stuff. Electronic games don't need to cost $50 plus a subscription fee, run only on the latest hardware, or require you to devote tons of time to squeeze out the fun.

What are you casually playing?

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