Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras!

Haydel's includes porcelain figurines with their King Cakes. What you see here is a two-inch FEMA trailer. Ain't it cute?

So far, nobody in the office has gotten the baby. It's a little odd to have to explain what King Cake means; not only are my office mates not New Orleanians, but the majority (and the plurality, for the record) were not born in the United States. We often discuss America (I am an American) and Texas (I'm not a Texan) and their foreign perspective. It's fascinating to expose and be exposed to other cultures.

King Cake 101:

  1. They're delicious.
  2. They taste a little like cinnamon coffee cake, but heavier.
  3. Icing and colored sugar(purple for Justice, green for Faith, and gold for Power) cover the top.
  4. You get the baby, you get to buy the next one.
  5. Sometimes they're filled, with cream cheese or apple or the like, but usually they're plain.
  6. Buy from Gambino's, Haydel's, or Randazzo's. They all make good King Cake.

Any questions?

We've had a friend from back home stay with us over the last few days, and the weekend has been full of golfing fun. Between virtual golf on the Wii and real live miniature golf (sadly no windmill), I've played more golf this weekend than you can shake a club at.

Geekily, this xkcd comic still makes me grin.


majcher said...

I thought that getting the baby (or bean) meant that you were king for the day, and everyone had to do what you said, and then they executed you. Man, kids get off easy these days.

MyUtopia said...

Happy Belated Mardi Gras to you and yours. My peeps are down with fat tuesday in the Paczkis way.