Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Didj Sunday in the Park

Robert, Steve and I got together this Sunday for a didj jam.

Here's a nice group photo.

From the top:

  • Robert's Yucca
  • Robert's "Twins"
  • My small blue Mindblower
  • My baby, the same eucalyptus didj I've had since college
  • My new Woolybutt that Cat's cousin brought me from Australia
  • My resin Rob Thomas didj bought on craigslist
  • Both halves of one agave stalk, handmade by me
  • Steve's homemade agave
  • Steve's "Barbie Didj," fiberglass over chickenwire
  • Steve's Woolybutt



Want to hear and see me play? Please enjoy this video, courtesy Robert's camera:

If you're on a feed and the embedded video doesn't show, try this direct link to the video. Huzzah, YouTube!

I really need to go back and tag my earlier posts. It's such a pain in Blogger, though.

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