Monday, November 05, 2007

Brain thumping

One neat thing about the human brain is the sort of crazy random nonlinear tasks it's good at doing.

Some people brainstorm, just letting the floodgates open and allowing the mind to wander. Like improv, this is more of a skill than most people realize.

I have a widget that acts as a deck of cards from the Oblique Strategies, a set of cards with nonspecific phrases and questions.

Here's three from the stack:

  • "Listen to the quiet voice"
  • "Remove a Restriction"
  • "What were you really thinking about just now?"

Already, your mind is moving along ways you didn't expect. This is a Good Thing.

This web version has a nice auto refresh feature, and is quite handy if you care not to pay more than a hundred bucks on eBay. I'd still enjoy a physical item to use, but I'd want a tool, not a collectible.


Pete the Brit said...

Have you seen the 'Creative Whack Pack' by Roger von Oech? It's very similar in concept and a lot cheaper :)

Scott said...

great link. thanks, mischa.

Randy Shipp said...

As someone who often feels like I have disorganized, unproductive thinking, I wish I could find a tool like this one, except that would quiet the noise, remove distractions, or otherwise let me get on with the task at hand instead of feeling so foggy or whatever. This is interesting, but I can't seem to get a handle on how it can help my thinking.